AXE Vamp Sound Kit
Organic Social

We used an AXE can to make sound effects and drum samples for our followers to make beats. Over 22,000 people downloaded my voice. Download it yourself here.

You’re probably wondering what a “Vamp” is. A Vamp is a fan of rapper Playboi Carti. We rallied the Vamps to pressure Carti to release his highly anticipated album Narcissist by making beats with our AXE Vamp Sound Kit. 

When we dropped it on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok, the Vamps went off. Here’s a few of the beats they made:

️️ ️
Shortly after we dropped the sound kit, Carti renamed his Narcissist Tour the King Vamp Tour. Pressure applied.

Agency Martin
Mik Manulik
Emily Delius
Copy Cameron Higginbotham